Many tags available in html are also available for use within the wiki, so inserting straight html code works perfectly. Some people, such as 888 and Natsu, are strict on not using depricated tags (which means, outdated). Aka; don't use "font", use "span".

onlyinclude (or includeonly)

These two templates mean that any time the page/template/article is "included," only the content within the tags will be sent to that page.


This is the opposite of the above. Whatever content is within the noinclude tag will never be sent to the article that is including this.

nowiki, code

Any content within the nowiki tag is treated as if it were all simple text. The code tag is the same, but it changes the font in a really ugly way. Oops, personal bias. :)


This tag is similar to the nowiki/code tags, but it creates a dark colored table cell to hold the information within it. One large downside of this tag is you must remember not to let one line be too lengthy, as there is no wordwrap with this tag and it will stretch the page.

''Italics'', '''Bold''', '''''Italic+Bold''''', <u>underline</u>

These wiki quick-font styles exist as well as further html markup such as <u>for underlining</u>.