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Physical information

Western mainland of Kemet, at the base of the mountains


Capital city


Fire Lord

Thebes is the capital city of the Fire Nation, though it is considered by many to be the capital of the entire world. Each nation is well presented within the walls of the metropolis with each culture having its own district. It is home to the Fire Nation Royal Family as well as the governmental seat of power.

A popular phrase among the people is, "if you can make it in Thebes, you can make it anywhere." As such, the city has an enormous appeal to travelers and fortune seekers, as well as entrepreneurs and those looking for a do-over. This rich diversion makes it so that there is not anything one cannot find in the city; for the strongest weapons money can buy, one can turn the Fire Nation district, whereas the finest and most elegant jewelry was found in the Earth Kingdom part of town. The best food can be bought from the Air Nomads, and the people of the Water Tribe are in high demand when it comes down to healthcare. Their medical expertise in a large city plagued by poverty and disease caused them to thrive and quickly rise to the top of the wealthy populace.

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