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Sami's camp
Fanon:The Nest (HotN)
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Out of Place Part 1

The Nest was a temporary settlement founded by Jumoke. It served as a safe haven for those who left their homes for whatever reason or even never had one. The residents would stay no longer than a month in the same area, thus housing was provided through means of tents and other portable shelters.

History Edit

Heartbroken after his wife died from skin cancer, a thirty-eight-year-old Jumoke left the Bedouin clan, unable to live in a camp where everything reminded him of her. For four years, he traveled the lands alone, using his survival skills to live in the most barren and hostile environments known to men. He encountered many people during his travels, ranging from other travelers, refugees, to deserters, and runaways, and without judging, he helped everyone in need. While spending the night in a cave, Jumoke had a dream about his deceased wife. She told him that it was time that he stopped running and put his survival skills to a good use by helping others on a broader scale. When he reached the next town on his journey, he stocked up on his usual medical and food supplies, and purchased a camelephant and three simple tents as well. With his supplies, he continued his travels, though now he had the means to offer anyone that needed it a more substantial support in the form of housing and medical care.

After traveling alone for another seven months, Jumoke treated a wounded sandbender, named Nidia. Grateful for his services and impressed by his selfless goals, she decided to join him on his travels.

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